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Welcome to OK, is primarily the family web-site for the Clarence Stepan family, but since we're also 1/2 Beerts as well, this sub-domain is for the Beert half of our ancestry.

Navigate by drilling DOWN using the links in the left border frame. Links in the header are for pages at the SAME level as the current page. If you're familiar with Microsoft FrontPage, it's the automatic stuff created by it.

As always, your thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc, are more than welcome. Feel free to send an e-mail message.

There is a log or synopsis of change highlights on a separate page. Only a recent change or 2 will be noted here:

  • 09/07/2005 - Re-worked the site as a sub-domain ( versus
  • 09/27/2004 - Created this sub-site.

Last updated: 09/07/2005

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